Special protection for my passengers

Soon I will technically upgrade my vehicle, a Toyota Prius, with clear curtains between passenger and driver. The government's hygiene regulations require, among other things, a 2 m safety distance between two people.

This is almost impossible for a vehicle. So resourceful suppliers have found a workable solution to reduce the risk of viruses. (see picture)

The passenger is also provided with a disinfectant for hand washing. The passenger sits in the back, separated by a PVC transparent film. This protects him from the driver and vice versa. Since neither of them knows exactly what state of health the other is in.

The payment of the trip is, as usual with me, after an offer in advance by bank transfer. Thus the exchange of banknotes and small change is not necessary. another virus danger zone....

After each ride the interior is disinfected and prepared for the next passenger. A considerable additional effort, but unfortunately necessary in these times.

With all these precautions, nothing stands in the way of a relaxed ride!     

Information sheet

Via this link you can download a text about "How long do viruses survive in a taxi".

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