Driving and rest periods

Interruption of driving time

After a maximum of 4½ hours driving time at least 45 minutes. This driving time interruption can be divided into a 15 minute break followed by a 30 minute break. Note: in the case of digital tachographs, one minute should be added each time to prevent readout errors.

Daily driving time

A maximum of 9 hours; 10 hours are allowed twice a week

Daily rest period

Would be 11 hours. May, however, be reduced to 9 hours 3 times a week without compensation, and on all other days may be divided: into a three-hour rest period followed by a nine-hour rest period.

Weekly rest period

It is 45 hours. If a balance is reached within the next 3 following weeks, every second WRZ may be reduced to 24 hours. The missing 21 hours must be added to an existing TRZ or WRZ!

12-day rule

In this case, the reduced weekly rest period between two 45-hour weekly rest periods may be postponed completely to a later date within the next three weeks for a travel group and a stay of at least one full calendar day abroad. (Tour sheet + DigiTach)

driving time between two weekly rest periods

Maximum 56 hours

Driving time during two consecutive weeks

Double weekly driving time maximum 90 hours

proof of driving times, rest periods, etc.

must be kept on the driver card without interruption for the period of the previous 28 calendar days in the form of record sheets, certificates of exemption or records.

In a few countries outside the European Economic Area, national regulations take precedence over those listed above.