Travel offer / Do you know Switzerland?

Do you know Switzerland with its thousands of possibilities? No?

Then I offer some great excursion offers here with me as chauffeur and guide?

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Treat yourself to some luxury and let yourself be driven!

Use the driving time with sense!

Group excursions

  • Original ideas for excursions
  • Up to 15 persons
  • Minibus with driver

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Sports Accident?

  • Accident or operation 
  • Long term chauffeur
  • Work taxi

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Do you know Switzerland?

  • Grand Tour Switzerland
  • Exclusive 1 -2 persons
  • Chauffeur & Guide

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City Tour Zürich

  • Personal City Tour with Guide 
  • 2 - 3 Guest
  • Stopover Attraction

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Private trips

  • Holiday trips 
  • Car transfer
  • Driver service according to announcement

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Car transfer

  • Vehicle transfer
  • Car to the holiday resort
  • long journeys

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  • Drive to St. Moritz 
  • Drive to Zermatt    
  • Transfer as an experience

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Tour-Guide Switzerland

  • Companions in Switzerland 
  • I know Switzerland!
  • By minibus, van or private car

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  • Drive home service
  • Event Shuttle
  • Group taxi

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Book me as your private chauffeur. On a car according to your wishes or on your own vehicle. I also gladly accept orders of several days.

Be this as a driver while you cannot but have to drive for health reasons, or as a companion for short trips so that you are not dependent on public transport. Just ask for a quote!

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