Sports accident or surgery?

Broken leg - arm in a sling? 

Here you will find a driver for "long-term driving jobs" if you are injured but still want to drive to work. In the morning to the work place and in the evening back again.


An operation after an accident does not necessarily mean that you have to stay at home for weeks! Today there are solutions with insurance companies so that you can return to work as soon as possible.

The costs of a "private chauffeur" are partly covered by insurance companies such as SUVA if the costs are cheaper than a complete loss of working hours.

In this case you should ask your employer to clarify this with the company insurance.

The patient can then develop a plan with a driver on how the trips should take place. Whether this takes place in your personal vehicle or whether the driver brings a suitable vehicle with him/her must be clarified in detail beforehand as the costs will then also change.

Drive home after an outpatient surgery

Do you have to undergo an outpatient operation with anaesthesia and have a longer way home afterwards? Just call and ask for an offer and an appointment.

We will arrange for you to get home safely. Directly from the practice to your home. This is very important from an insurance point of view!