How about a video city tour in Zurich?

Since at the moment there are some travel restrictions all over the world due to Corona and many of you can't go on a trip just like that anymore, I implemented the idea here.

The virtual videos are shot interactively with VR recording technology.  This means that the viewer can turn 360 degrees in any direction while watching the video with the cursor and determine the view in the car by himself! A whole new video experience!

In contrast to Youtube and the countless short reports of Influenzer about the city of Zurich, here you can watch a city tour in (almost) real time with lots of information about the city and the history of Zurich.

You drive with me (cameras installed in the car) through the city and after a few minutes you feel like you would sit directly in my car!

Stadtrundfahrt in Zürich (Schweiz) mit 360-Grad Kamera

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